Goodward Translation Services is your reliable translation partner with over ten years’ translating experience in the following sectors:

Film and Entertainment
Film synopses
Filmmakers’ biographies
Press releases
Entire festival catalogues, booklets and ad campaigns
Miscellaneous film and entertainment-related correspondences
Powerpoint presentations
Entire websites

Tourism, International Travel and Hospitality
Destination descriptions
Travel guides/itineraries
Accommodation descriptions
Entire websites

Education and Special Education Research
Research descriptions
Specialised reports
Grant applications
Congress lectures
Powerpoint presentations

Visual Arts, Culture, Media
Work descriptions
Artist biographies
Complete dossiers
Conference catalogues
Video subtitles/scripts
Art history/theory
Powerpoint presentations
Entire websites

Modern Classical Music
Work descriptions
Composer, interpreter and ensemble biographies
Catalogue entries
Critiques and literature
Music theory
Entire websites

Various research publications
Powerpoint presentations

Language Education
Language education dossiers, flyers and websites
Powerpoint presentations